Socks for Remote Pursuits

If you have read much of my writings it’s obvious I have weird feet. Boot fit, and a boot system, are tough to match up for me. I’ve gone through a variety of options and it seems to be a constant challenge. While boots and insoles are part of the process, no system is complete without a good pair of socks.

I used several brands over the years and typically “restock” every 2-3 years. I’ve had good luck with Darn Tough and First Lite socks, with the edge going to First Lite. Simply because I prefer how the First Lite socks hug my calf better and doesn’t slip down. They just fit better. While Darn Tough makes a good sock, my blisters are greatly reduced by running the First Lite Mountain Athlete Compression socks. They have worked well for me over the years, and I see no reason to abandon them.  However, I like to have options and new gear always catches my eye.

The new socks from Gore are intriguing.  My experience with the First Lite socks showed me that merino was a key ingredient of a quality sock.  The Gore Sock fibers are Merino Wool 72%, ePTFE 13%, Nylon 8%, Polyester 6%, and Spandex 1%. Below are some additional details about the socks and  a brief video.

Key Features
Superior sweat management
Excellent thermal management
Natural odor resistance
Soft feel and comfortable stay fit design
Cushioned full terry sole, heel and toe areas
Full arch support and seamless toe construction

The Gore Socks come in 3 styles; crew, full crew, and over the calf.


I picked up a pair of the Over the Calf style, and while I have not yet hunted in them, they are impressive. I wore them for a week without washing them to test them out.  They were worn with everything from boots, to dress shoes, to running shoes. Over the week; activities included work outs, running, a few walks, and daily wear. The socks were incredibly comfortable, breathed well, and never seemed to get damp. When I finally washed them I hung them to dry and was surprised by how fast they dried out.

I think these are great option for today’s adventurer and look forward to testing them further this fall.  You can get yours at Black Ovis.