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13 December, 2018

Jumping into Bird Hunting!

As a big game hunter, who occasionally shot upland birds, jumping into a more dedicated approach to fully utilizing my versatile hunting dog has been an eye opener. Bird hunting seems to have many more options than big game. If one chases both upland and waterfowl there is an amazing opportunity for days afield. However, it takes a bit more planning and thought that I had originally assumed. Most big game hunting allows for a lot of cross over in

3 August, 2018

Non-Resident’s Guide to Hunting Alaska

Check out this article @Rokslide.com!   http://www.rokslide.com/non-residents-guide-to-hunting-alaska/ Non-Resident’s Guide to Hunting Alaska!! Alaska is an amazing place to live, hunt, and recreate.  However, the vastness of the state combined with remote locations and unique terrain poses a challenge for those new to the Last Frontier.  If your dream has been to hunt in Alaska don’t let this discourage you. Despite Alaska’s “pucker factor,” even a cheechako can successfully tackle Alaska and succeed.  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

18 July, 2018

7 Year Ram

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7 Year  Ram by Jerry H For six years my buddy Matt and I have chased Alaska Dall Sheep rams. While we were successful in getting Matt a ram a few years back, I was still without one.  This was my seventh year trying and could I finally get my ram? Matt was unable to make it out this year due to some life events, so I got my other buddy Berke to go with me.  It was short

26 June, 2018

Introduction of a Pudelpointer: Gunner, a Versatile Hunting Dog

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The Introduction of a Pudelpointer: Gunner, a Versatile Hunting Dog If you have followed much of my writing you might guess that I tend to overthink things. Particularly when it comes to gear, hunting, trucks, etc. When my wife and I first got married we decided to wait a few years on kids, but that we needed a dog. Our first dog was a beautiful German Shorthair we named Remi. She was a bundle of energy who through some unfortunate

27 March, 2018

The Case for a Versatile Hunting Dog

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My 6th grade son wrote this article as part of a school project.  I thought it would be great to publish his effort and a good way to kick off our journey of life with a hunting dog. I did do a bit of editing and added some additional content, but we worked together on it and I'm proud to see his research and writing come together. The Case for a Versatile Hunting Dog By Jonah Wymer There are many

23 March, 2017


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Socks for Remote Pursuits If you have read much of my writings it’s obvious I have weird feet. Boot fit, and a boot system, are tough to match up for me. I’ve gone through a variety of options and it seems to be a constant challenge. While boots and insoles are part of the process, no system is complete without a good pair of socks. I used several brands over the years and typically “restock” every 2-3 years. I’ve had

27 February, 2017

Leupold Vendetta 2 Review

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Leupold provided Remote Pursuits with a Vendetta 2 to get our thoughts on it. Due to a variety of schedule mishaps it has taken us a while to get this review out. In order to get this accomplished I reached out to a buddy for assistance.  Below is his take on the Leupold Vendetta 2. Check out Leupold's Press Release on the Vendetta 2 here:  https://www.leupold.com/life/news/leupold-introduces-vendetta-2-bow-mounted-laser-rangefinder Leupold Vendetta 2 Review by Guest Contributor Desi (DJ) Curtis For me this device was

1 February, 2017

Alaska Splitboarding, Snowboarding Adventures Redfined

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Here at Remote Pursuits we love the mountains, the outdoors, the pursuit, and great adventures. Ben Reynolds is a like minded soul who spends many a day doing what what we all love. Ben is a living example of the famous Alaska quote "a weekend here is another man's dream vacation."  Ben and I met through our passion for chasing crazy white wild animals called Dall Sheep. As I got to know Ben, and hear of his adventures, I

14 January, 2017

Stone Glacier Sky 7400 Review

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In my article on purchasing a pack for backpack hunting, I promised a deep dive into the Stone Glacier Sky 7400. Article was originally published on Rokslide.com in 2015. I have updated the article to include recent data and information (Jan 14, 2017)   Stone Glacier's Sky 7400 w/ Krux Frame Since 2006 I have cycled through several packs trying to find a balance of durability, load carrying capability, and most importantly fit. Each “upgrade” helped me move closer to

26 November, 2016

Leupold VX-6 Review

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Leupold VX-6 Scope Review Leupold scopes have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Either they were on the rifles my Dad had when I was kid, or they were "in the works" to be on those rifles! The "Golden Ring" was, and is, a symbol of trust, quality, and American Pride (Made in the USA). In the years since I have used a variety of Leupold scopes from the budget VX1 and Rifleman,