main_Instinct_LogoContinuing my train of thought from Thursday’s post (Kitting up with First Lite) and last Friday’s post (Kitting up with KUIU) I am going to use the same potential hunt scenario (Mid October Elk & Black Tail hunt on Raspberry Island) to build a kit highlighting Cabela’s new Instinct line

Once again in this scenario we are flying in via a Beaver and operating out of a base camp so I can take more gear than I typically do. As in my earlier post I’ll need a good base layer, solid pants, insulation, and of course rain gear. For this proposed kit I am utilizing the Backcountry System as part of Cabela’s Instinct line of products. Cabela’s camo pattern is called Cabela’s Zone Backcountry and this will be utilized on all Cabela’s products unless other wise noted.main_Instinct_backcountry

Base Layer:
Cabela’s Instinct™ Thermal Zone Merino Bottoms by Icebreaker
Cabelas Instinct Base-Layer Thermal Zone 1/2-Zip Top by Icebreaker
First Lite Red Desert Boxer Short – any color / pattern is fine. (2)
Cabela’s Instinct™ Over-The-Calf Socks (2)

Mid Layer:
Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Active Full-Zip Top
Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Glassing Pants

Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Hybrid Puffy Jacket
Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Hybrid Vest
Rain Gear:
Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Barrier Protective Shell Jacket
Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Barrier Protective Shell Pants

Head & Hands:
Cabela’s + Icebreaker Instinct™ Beanie
Cabela’s Instinct™ Neck Gaiter
Glassing Pant

Like with the other kits I would take an additional jacket for around camp and traveling. For this scenario it would be the Cabela’s Instinct™ Backcountry Fannin Soft-Shell Jacket.

Cabela’s stores and catalog offer a massive array of products and its fairly easy to build a Cabela’s kit, even in the Instinct Series. About the only thing I could not find were merino boxers and a ball cap. Unlike the other kits this gear is brand new and unproven. As such I can’t personally endorse or recommend these products and look forward to testing them further some day down the road. However, as a BIG fan of integrated knee pads I am highly interested in seeing how the Glassing Pants perform.

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