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I’ve battled blisters and boot/feet issues for the last several years. After 2014’s sheep hunt I had enough. I reached out to Lathrop & Sons and went with the custom boot fit. I also read Stephen Lathrop’s article on Rokslide about preventative foot care. I then combined all of this with First Lite’s Mountain Athlete Compression Socks and the result has been blister free happiness! I believe that good fitting boots, a quality footbed, preventive measures, and a high quality sock is the combo that solved my issues.

Lathrop & Son’s custom boot fit is not a cheap endeavor. Its not for everyone, but for those who struggle with fit and comfort its certainly a worthy consideration.Lathropandsons

You can check out my “boot journey” here:
Boot Fitting Article

I also wrote a follow up article on
Rokslide Article

Stephen Lathrop’s Blister Prevention Article on Rokslide

As part of Remote Pursuit’s new Website Launch we are going to give away a few of our favorite products at the end of September. To be eligible you must sign up for our email updates! We will announce the winners in early October!  The first give away is for a few pairs of First Lite’s Mountain Athlete Compression Socks!  First Lite and Remote Pursuits have partnered together to ensure a lucky few get to try these socks for free! Keep an eye on your mail box in early October! We will also announce the winners on Facebook and Twitter so follow us there as well! Contest ends October 15th!!



Get all of your First Lite at Black Ovis!

Get all of your First Lite at Black Ovis!

These are my favorite socks and the only socks that keep me blister free! We want you to have some for your next Remote Pursuit! I’ve worn socks from Darn Tough, Smartwool, and others.  While other quality socks exists, the fit and finish of the First Lite sock is the perfect match to my complete boot system.

FIrst Lite's Mt Athlete Compression socks

FIrst Lite’s Mt Athlete Compression socks