If you are a regular around Remote Pursuits you might have picked up on the fact I am pretty stoked about my Xpedition Archery Xcentric 7.  I was unable to use my bow this fall due to a hand injury, but my excitement and anticipation for an upcoming bow hunt is high!

RS-XpeditionXcentric7Xpedition has partnered with Bowadx to release some Xpedition Branded Gear! You can check out the gear here: https://bowadx.com/product-category/xpedition-gear/  Get your Xpedition Archery Gear now!

Another thing you might have noticed is that Remote Pursuits has an updated website as of this September. We are celebrating the new website with a few giveaways.  If you have not shot an Xpedition, you need to.. So, in an effort to help promote both Remote Pursuits, and my favorite Bow we are going to give away some Xpedition branded gear to some lucky subscribers!  See below for instructions and check out the new website (there are multiple giveaways)! Tell your friends and check us out on Facebook & Twitter! The more subscribers, the more contests!  Our new launch celebration will end October 15th! The prize package includes a hat, decal, and T-Shirt!

Subscribe to our email list to be eligible for the contest. http://remotepursuits.subscribemenow.com

Xpedition-Flex-Fit-500x650 Xpedition-Mens-Mock-for-site