13 October, 2015

First Lite’s Corrugate Guide Pant Review

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I did a review on pants last year and thought it would be good to add some updated pant reviews from 2015.  The first one on the block is First Lite’s Corrugate Guide Pant.  First Lite states that this is a pant designed to meet the specifications of their Pro Team. Their goal was to create the best lightweight, breathable and durable hunting pant on the market.  I have tried two other pants that align well against the Corrugate Guide;

11 March, 2014

The River’s Divide, a bow hunting film by Donnie Vincent..

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The River’s Divide is a Bow Hunting film by Donnie Vincent.  I saw the preview and was intrigued by the majestic panoramic scenes and music.  The flow of it all just sort of pulled me in.   I grew up in white tail country, but have very limited experience hunting these creatures as the family hunting trips were always in Mule Deer country.   Most white tail shows bore me to tears, some guy sitting in a tree stand whispering….   However, Donnie’s