As far as I know only two other teams have put in similar efforts as to what you are about to view. I first read this on KUIU’s forum. Justin Starck and his brother did a great job presenting some visuals and letting you the viewer decide what to go with. The links to those test are no longer valid. As such this is one of the few places I am aware of with this many photos.

Since then I have been planning and gathering camo to do a similar test using Alaska terrain. In September of 2014 The Journal of Mountain Hunting scooped me and posted their pictorial view of several different camo patterns. The Most Versatile Mountain Camo Pattern An Objective Multi-Environment Comparison I believe they will follow this up with a part 2.

Remote Pursuit’s comparison is below. I hope you find it useful. If you hover over the pictures a caption will show you the name of the pattern.  Please see Part 2, for the black and white version!

Patterns Tested:
First Lite Fusion
Realtree Max-1
KUIU Verde
Optifade Open Country
Optifade Wetland
Cabela’s Instinct
Cabela’s Outfitter
Kryptek Highlander

I also threw a bonus photo on there of Mountain Mimicry. We had multiple trips, photographers, and dare I say “models” for this endeavor. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. An early snow storm ruined my high country photo shoot so below is what we have.  If we can hang onto all this gear we might do a follow up in the spring.

I would like to than Jerry H, Berk M, Jonah W, and Billy S for their help in putting this together. A lot of work went into this, yes it could have been better, but pros we are not. I hope you find it useful despite us. 😉

Why these 10 patterns? In my opinion these are the top patterns out there for where I hunt. Having 2-3 of them in my kit provides me a large range of versatility and quality gear can be found in each pattern. One of my favorite, visually appealing, patterns is Natural Gear, Natural. However, a great pattern must be available in great gear. Any of these 10, and the bonus Mountain Mimicry, are great patterns if you tailor them for your pursuit.


Mountain Mimicry

Mountain Mimicry



Brooks Range 09 - 8-08 -35

Brooks Range 2009