3 August, 2018

Non-Resident’s Guide to Hunting Alaska

Check out this article @Rokslide.com!   http://www.rokslide.com/non-residents-guide-to-hunting-alaska/ Non-Resident’s Guide to Hunting Alaska!! Alaska is an amazing place to live, hunt, and recreate.  However, the vastness of the state combined with remote locations and unique terrain poses a challenge for those new to the Last Frontier.  If your dream has been to hunt in Alaska don’t let this discourage you. Despite Alaska’s “pucker factor,” even a cheechako can successfully tackle Alaska and succeed.  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

18 July, 2018

7 Year Ram

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7 Year  Ram by Jerry H For six years my buddy Matt and I have chased Alaska Dall Sheep rams. While we were successful in getting Matt a ram a few years back, I was still without one.  This was my seventh year trying and could I finally get my ram? Matt was unable to make it out this year due to some life events, so I got my other buddy Berke to go with me.  It was short

1 February, 2017

Alaska Splitboarding, Snowboarding Adventures Redfined

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Here at Remote Pursuits we love the mountains, the outdoors, the pursuit, and great adventures. Ben Reynolds is a like minded soul who spends many a day doing what what we all love. Ben is a living example of the famous Alaska quote "a weekend here is another man's dream vacation."  Ben and I met through our passion for chasing crazy white wild animals called Dall Sheep. As I got to know Ben, and hear of his adventures, I

20 March, 2016

Building a Hunting 401k

Building a Hunting 401K Earlier this year I attended the annual Alaskan Chapter of SCI’s banquet. Saturday of the banquet is usually full of free seminars and skill clinics tailored to hunters. Due to a variety of things I arrived later than I had anticipated. As I wandered the halls looking for the “sheep seminar” I happened to glance into a room and see a great bow shot at an amazing bull elk. It caught my attention and I stopped

30 September, 2015

2015 Caribou Hunt

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Any trip in Alaska is an adventure, and as the saying goes “an Alaskan’s weekend is another man’s dream vacation.” As the truck left the lights of Anchorage behind us I reflected on this saying. The frustration of this year’s sheep hunt was countered by the realization of the blessed opportunity to have spent time in sheep country. However, this was the last chance to put meat in the freezer, and with beef and pork allergies in the house,

18 August, 2015

Blood, Sweat, Crowds, Impassable Terrain; failure…. #sheephunting

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Stone Glaciers all loaded up The title pretty much sums up 2015’s sheep hunt. Yet despite eating tag soup, any time in sheep country is a coveted adventure and a time for learning and reflection. Our trip started out great. Good weather, robust plans, and solid preparation. Pioneer X-Stream Our adventure this year involved multiple rivers and creeks in an attempt to distance ourselves from other hunters. We utilized a Pristine Ventures Pioneer X Stream to

4 November, 2014

An Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt – Jerry 2014

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My hunting buddy Jerry is a big contributor to Remote Pursuits. He helps me with gear reviews, puts up with my ideas, and is always ready for an adventure. Through Jerry I met Berke; and Jerry and Berke have been hunting together long before I ever met Jerry. Berke has been able to avoid the sickness we call "Sheep Fever" and Jerry and Berke seem to have moose hunting down to a science.  I highlighted their success this fall as

26 October, 2014

Hunting Roosevelt Elk in Alaska, Part 2

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This Part 2 in a series on Elk Hunting in Alaska. Part 1 provided info on the history of elk in Alaska. Part 2 is The Adventure... I’ve been a member of Rokslide since its early days and have developed a great network of like-minded individuals and was recently added to the Pro Staff. It’s a great place to bat around ideas, learn, and contribute. Through this experience I met a fellow Rokslider, Billy. We communicated off and on over

17 September, 2014

Gear Testing at its finest – First Lite’s new camo, Fusion ‪#‎firstlitemoment‬

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Remote Pursuits was given an exciting opportunity to test a new product. As some may be aware First Lite has some big announcements coming up this month and we are excited to be a part of it.  My cohort and hunting buddy was the first of us to be able to get out and test First Lite's new offering. I think he has found his new lucky pattern. Jerry has been after a brown bear for along time and to

25 August, 2014

2014 Sheep Hunt

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Day 1 - Fresh Legs! 2014’s DIY Alaskan Dall sheep hunt has come and gone. A redo might be possible, but that is likely wishful thinking. Again the full curls have eluded us. It started out with the success of last year fresh on the mind, but as the days evaporated so did hope. This year we covered more miles than the last 2 years combined and saw our fair share of rams, just never one that crossed