18 March, 2016

Polygiene & Modern Synethetics

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Synthetic Base Layer - Polygiene Revolution - Polygiene Base Layers Synthetic base layers were an integral part of my skiing and rock climbing days. However, as trips extended, the proverbial “synthetic funk” became a side effect that pushed me to merino wool.  Merino wool is, and always will be, one of my favorite outdoor gear fabrics.  However, there are times when synthetics have their place. My biggest complaint with merino, is that the lighter weights required to be extremely breathable,

24 October, 2015

Sitka Gear Blizzard Parka Review

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I spend some time testing the Sitka Gear Blizzard Park on my 2015 Caribou hunt.  You check out the review over on Rokslide by clicking the link below. Blizzard Parka Review CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE BLIZZARD PARKA Sign up for Blackovis.com’s Gear Insider email and receive 10% Off your first purchase! https://vimeo.com/135988014  

24 October, 2015

Merino Wool..

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It is my belief that Merino wool is the ultimate base layer, not only for hunters, but for outdoorsman all of types. I base this on merino’s ability to wick moisture, dry quickly, insulate when wet, and fight odors. While merino wool may cost more than its polypropylene counterparts, and require more care when laundering, its long term benefits outweigh the cost. Polypropylene has its place, but for pursuits of a wilder nature, when base layers are worn many days in

25 September, 2015

Gloves for Hunting

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Gloves for Hunting: Busting brush, crawling over dead falls, scrambling up rocky ravines, inching along ridge lines, knives, weapons, and more..  The list of hazards we face as hunters is no small thing.  They are always there, whether we successfully navigate or them not. Some are minor, some not so much.               If you read my 2015 Sheep Hunt report you are aware of the minor injury I received while sheep hunting. If I

18 August, 2015

Blood, Sweat, Crowds, Impassable Terrain; failure…. #sheephunting

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Stone Glaciers all loaded up The title pretty much sums up 2015’s sheep hunt. Yet despite eating tag soup, any time in sheep country is a coveted adventure and a time for learning and reflection. Our trip started out great. Good weather, robust plans, and solid preparation. Pioneer X-Stream Our adventure this year involved multiple rivers and creeks in an attempt to distance ourselves from other hunters. We utilized a Pristine Ventures Pioneer X Stream to

22 June, 2015

Sitka’s Kelvin Down Ultra Lite and Feathered Friends Daybreak Jackets- Lightweight Insulators!

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The 2015 Gear is out and we are in the midst of getting the reviews out!  Check out the review on Sitka Gear's new Kelvin Down Ultra Lite Jacket and Feathered Friend's Daybreak jacket! Review Post on Rokslide.com Click HERE to see more info Sitka Gear Kelvin Down Ultra Lite Review Feathered Friends Daybreak Jacket Review    

29 August, 2014

Kitting up with KUIU

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Continuing my train of thought from yesterday’s post (Kitting up with First Lite) I am going to use the same hunt scenario (Mid October Elk & Black Tail hunt on Raspberry Island) to build this KUIU kit. As mentioned we are flying in via a Beaver and operating out of a base camp so I can take more gear than I typically do. As in my earlier post I’ll need a good base layer, solid pants, insulation, and of course

25 August, 2014

2014 Sheep Hunt

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Day 1 - Fresh Legs! 2014’s DIY Alaskan Dall sheep hunt has come and gone. A redo might be possible, but that is likely wishful thinking. Again the full curls have eluded us. It started out with the success of last year fresh on the mind, but as the days evaporated so did hope. This year we covered more miles than the last 2 years combined and saw our fair share of rams, just never one that crossed

21 August, 2014

Comprehensive Rain Gear Reviews

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I started this journey out of a desire to better understand rain gear and its performance in the field; vs. the hyperbole of marketing and internet biases. This journey has been huge, its exposed to me a behind the scenes peek at the technologies, thought, and processes that it takes to make a high quality, high performing set of rain gear. In reality rain gear performance is both complicated and simple, and the key is to use the gear as

26 June, 2014

Light Weight Soft Shells: KUIU vs. Sitka Gear?

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Two new products, or rather a new product and a revised product have hit the trails this year. I really think an active hunter needs to check these out! They are dramatically different than any hunting specific soft shell out there. KUIU Chinook http://blog.kuiu.com/2014/06/25/chinook-jacket-in-stock-and-available-in-small/#sthash.5zaJWopu.dpbs I have NOT had the opportunity to see one of these in person, and I hope to get one to do a review on soon. BUT, from watching the video and reading up, this jacket appears