19 April, 2016

First Aid for the Backcountry, Part 2 – Nice to Haves, Basecamp

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First Aid for the Backcountry, Part 2 In Part 1, First Aid Must Haves, Shane Daniels highlighted a list of must have components for a backcountry first aid kit. In this article Shane dives into a variety of “nice to have” items. Later this summer I will follow up with a video highlighting my personal first aid kit. It will incorporate insight from Shane’s articles, reader responses, and my personal experiences. Hopefully this information will expand your knowledge of first

12 April, 2016

First Aid for the Backcountry – Part 1 – The Must Haves

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One of the best parts about Remote Pursuits is the people I get to meet.  One of the first connections I made when I launched Remote Pursuit's Facebook page was Shane Daniels.  Shane lives in Iowa and hunting is a huge part of his life. Shane's expertise is one that I hope you all find helpful. This post is the first in a series about First Aid in the Backcountry. We have combined Shane's medical expertise with some of my